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Re: Please help me find a dojo in Melbourne!

Craig Hocker wrote:
way too much whining and pickiness going on here for a self-professed aiki-junkie.

Oh yeh, and of course, I'm the only one mentioned... Why would that be? Because I correct people misquoting me? Because I explain myself to people who misunderstand me in an attempt to avoid argument based on misgivings? Because I stand up for my beliefs, the same beliefs that originated from our founder? Because I stand up for the founder almost all of us bow to a few times a week?

I have to be honest, If you want to hear a whine, if you'd like to learn the difference between conversation and a gripe, where I speak with the full knowledge that I will cause a disturbance (despite that I do so in an attempt to bring greater respect to our art and it's founder), how about this one:

I can't believe that so many people on here were willing to sit by and let Ignatius disrespect OSensei in such a manner. I think you're all gutless.

What happened to Loyalty to your Master?

To throw out the previous importance of the Hakama for practical reasons is one thing (I will digress from this matter temporarily for your benefit), but to speak of the man who has brought so much good to all of our lives in such a disrespectful manner is absolutely unacceptable, regardless of any supposed delusion of enlightenment and allusion to the wonders of detachment from the physical. Detachment does not mean throwing things to the wind without reason. No-mind does not mean that one should allow themselves to be struck down by an enemy while knowing that your defeat will not come to any gain.

The tacet condonation of this disgusting display of disrespect makes me question the moral fibre and motives for training of each and every member of this board. Why in heck am I the only one who thought that was well out of order? Perhaps you're trying to keep the peace? But is it right to do so at the expense of our late Master's honour?

Now THAT is a gripe!
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