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Re: Please help me find a dojo in Melbourne!

Todd Worth wrote:
I did not say that it was not just as valid. Quite the contrary. I asked you "Why not the best of both worlds?" and you walked away.

I feel that both are as important and unimportant as one another.
I walked away because you seem intent on pressing the point, and besides, I had to leave to go to training. But I am glad you had a laugh over it.

Why not? Because it is an imperfect world with each dojo having their own rules and rituals. I believe mudansha in Michael Field's dojo do wear a hakama, but it did not meet your other criteria.

I understand where you're coming from, but if neither are as important and unimportant, why do you insist on pressing the point?

FWIW, my personal expression is simply that - mine. Not something I impose on my students. Some of my students wear a black gi to training because it is the only thing they can afford.

Does that make me a heretic? Does that make me less serious or passionate about my training? If I don't bow to an image of the old man, does that make me less respectful?

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