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Thanks for your replies. In regards to Anne's post, I usually love it when a real, decent sempai helps me out. It was the way he was "helping" that I had a problem with.

After finding out that this is his general attitude towards people, I now know his actions had nothing to do with me. And I even remember our sensei correcting him in other classes. I have spoken to a couple of my shodan friends in the dojo, and they just told me to stay away from him and that if things get worse, then say something to our sensei.

As far as the "big bad man" complex, that's a possibility. I think that was a part of him accusing me of getting angry. You see, I'm supposed to submit. Well, I don't submit. I grew up with two older brothers and learned not to do that a long time ago. Then again it might of just been the "big bad sempai" complex, too.

Now as a question on the side. Does a person with this attitude deserve being called a "sempai"?

Thanks again,
Anne Marie
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