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Talking Dojo Brawl (TM)

Judo has competition; the Tomiki-ryu people has shiai, BJJ people has their UFC. In line with current trend, YoshinOrge should start something similar e.g., DOJO BRAWL (TM).

How is DOJO BRAWL ver 1.0 (TM) different from the rest?

Well, for starters... this event will consist of one shite/tori against four ukes. Ukes are welcome to attack shite anyway the want, left or right side using standard aikido strikes or grabs.

Shite's job is to effect a technique on these incoming ukes. Points are awarded for a properly executed technique. Ippon points for full clean technique, waza ari for non ippon but still effective technique upon agreement by the judges. After a preset period of time, points are tally, and the players with most points wins some nice shiny medals. Uke's are welcome to feint, change attack midway, resist to simulate real life situation.

What do you think. You think we've got something nice working here? Fellow YoshinOrge, what do you think?


P/s I know this is sacrilege; but then I also want pretty shiny medals.

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