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Well I'd love to throw MY two cents in on this deal and say what I'd like to see happen but Magma and myself train at the same dojo, and I don't want to air our dirty laundry on here. I actually started training at the dojo after the merger occurred and so I like to think I can view the whole situation as objectively as anyone out there. When training - it was very easy (generally) to see which students were with which sensei/dojo.

Colleen - I see where you are coming from on the whole "voting with feet" - but the attitude/lack of respect from some of the (and unfortunately higher ranked) students went WAY beyond just not showing up for certain classes. There seemed to be an agenda - and a complete unwillingness to compromise from the visiting students.

There was a complete and unfounded arrogance about "their style" of Aikido that they seemed to put themselves on a pedastel, and refuse to accept that any other variant of Aikido was even worth considering. We had great opportunity to learn from not just Aikikai style but Kokikai style from a somewhat regular visiting Sensei. These students outwardly showed on the mat a complete lack of repsect for the visiting Sensei (who had been guest teaching) long before the merger. Almost going as far as saying his Aikido was worthless!

It was way beyond just "not wanting to learn" something different, and IMHO, beneficial. It was simply a lack of repsect for anyone who didn't jump on their bandwagon and sing praises from every mountain top about "their style" of Aikido. It seems as of now that we are splitting, which really disappoints me - because I was learning so much from working with so many different people. I would take many things from many different people and incorporate it into many of my techniques.
I however do not want to fall into the trap of being around that attitude all the time and having it effect me - so if the split does go through I will be staying and not leaving.

In my mind it was never about styles or what was being learned. It was like someone opened their house up to a homeless person, clothed them, gave them food cleaned them up, tried to make them comfortable, and all the while they are telling their friends you are the biggest jerk in the world because you wont let them redecorate or that you actually ask them to help out around the house. And then when they leave, you can't find the good china and your yard is all torn up.

OK - I said I wasn't going to air out the dirty laundry - but this whole thing has me REALLY has me mad and I couldn't keep it in any longer.
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