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Re: Please help me find a dojo in Melbourne!

Actually, no I don't.... I don't have an image of the old man on the wall. When I bow to the kamiza before and after class, I am performing a personal spiritual cleansing/meditative ritual. My personal ritual does not involve paying homage to any dead-heads - it does not form part of my personal practice, although from time to time, I may personally acknowledge the old man's genius, privately, or in sharing with someone else.

But you are still missing the point. It's not the externalities that define spirituality. You can have all the external trappings of religion, go thru the motions of ritual, but still be internally devoid of spiritual feeling. Which is more important to you? A priest in full frock that on the surface appears to adhere to the rites and rituals of the church and the priesthood, but secretly engages in paedophilliac activities, OR the down-to-earth, dressed liked a country bum, priest that touches people's lives by his "being"?

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