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Originally posted by Ta Kung
Thanks for your reply, Andrew. However, I did not find any videoclips and the page was in some language that didnt quite cooperate with my brain for some reason... Makes me think about Homer Simpson, when he was trying to make his own bbq grill (he accedently destroyes the english instructions and is forced to try the French version; "La Grille, what the heck is a "La Grill!"".)


There's an english section there somewhere! It's the European Jo federation page, I thought you might find some seminars or a teacher of jodo who you might be able to correspond with. There's an address in Sweden, though that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be useful... It even tells you this:

"Note - As United Kingdom is not (yet) part of the FEJ,
the English version of this site has been prepared and is maintained by non-native speakers.
You may find some strange words, sentences and expressions.
In advance, we thank you for your understanding"

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