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Ian Williams
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Re: techniquies in street fights

I study Tsutsumi Ryu Jujitsu but hey - we're distant cousins..

I've been watching a lot of fights started by sportsmen (typically in our Aussie Rules football) and a LOT of the punches delivered as a cross between a straight punch and a roundhouse.. it's a sort of diagnonal straight punch to the head with a little bit of roundhouse in it..

In our system we practice a lot against straight punches (karate style) and hugely telegraphed round houses (drunken brawl type sloppy roundhouses) but these quite nasty 'diagonal' punches are a bit of a challenge. I practice 'reflex' sparing with some of the higher belts in our dojo (me, the attacker being able to deliver any attack I wish) and these sorts of punches often result in clean hits to the head.

If you're really interested to know if your techniques will work in a street/real fight situation then it pays to watch real fights and evaluate whether these are the sorts of attacks you're training against.

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