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Re: Starting Up a Dojo

I attempted to open an aikido dojo some years back. There was an old elementary school that someone had bought and was trying to lease out space. It wasn't in the best of locations, so I was able to negotiate a nice deal. For starting out, the owner let me "rent" a space for the dojo in this manner: Instead of a set price per month, we split the cost per student in half. So that whatever each student paid, he got half and I got half. That way, he could make some money and I'd have a start at getting a dojo going. That part worked out great.

Unfortunately, after three months, I still had no students. Getting the word out is the hard part if you don't have money to invest into advertising. I put out local flyers all over, but that didn't seem to work. I used word of mouth but that didn't help. So if anyone has any suggestions on how to advertise, I'm all ears. It would be nice to hear different suggestions for little to no money and for having enough money.

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