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Re: Starting Up a Dojo

Peter Rehse wrote:
David - what is the difference between a Dojo and a Club.

Shaun seems to presuppose a working group before taking on a permanent facility - like making sure the horse is in front of the cart. The way I read the question is how to start even before that point.

A club is one way of making sure the horse is in front of the cart.

For us, club status meant some of the following:

- no dues
- no open door - invite only membership
- falling more under someone else's authority/guidance (someone over and above the club)
- having less classes per week
- Etc.

For us, club status centered around a group of folks that just wanted to train together/work out. A dojo (again, for us) is about a group of folks that want to build a space where the Way can be practiced as a culture. OR - In the first case, everything revolved around training - working out. In the second case, everything, including training, revolves around the culture of Budo and the place one has reserved for that culture to prosper. As a result, different concerns come up, which means different courses of action have to be taken and/or averted.

hope that helps,

David M. Valadez
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