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Re: Please help me find a dojo in Melbourne!

Thanks Nick, I do see where you're coming from... This thread originated as a 'find me the perfect dojo' thread, but I can see that it has fast become 'You're not going to find it so are you going to take 2nd best or take nothing at all'

I can only accept the reality that there are no Melbourne dojo (or perhaps anywhere) that feel the same way about aikido as I do... Now I have to make a very big decision....

Is studying aikido, minus much of the spiritual side and allegiance to OSensei, better than studying aikido, not at all? Or does the removal of these things remove too much to be accepted? Or can it be endured without disrespecting the school I choose?

It's a tough one. I'm a fairly good fighter (don't mean to have a big head, just saying), so learning self defense means little to me... But the great deal of spiritual learning I have done over the last few years where I have been too poor to pay for training and been suffering from a disabling illness, although very meaningful, seems inbalanced without the physical side...

I'm lost

But I really appreciate your post. I agree with all that you say, and I don't take any disrespect, I can see what you mean and I thank you for your sensitivity
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