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Re: Please help me find a dojo in Melbourne!

Charles Burmeister wrote:
It never was unclear for me in the first place and I don't feel that I took it out of context. In presenting your quote, I didn't want to overburdon the next reader with a bunch of redundancy.

It is a valid question though. How can something that you deem so important to your spiritual self on the flip side be "just a pair of pants"? Seems kind of convenient for your arguement.

If the hakama is so important to your study that you can't do with out it, more power to you and good luck to you. My only advice would be to study where ever as hard as you can, progress as best as you can...and open up your own place and use what ever rules you want.

If you didn't feel it was unclear, perhaps you clearly misunderstood

I already answered that question... As a status symbol, it is just a pair of pants. As a spiritual symbol (and mark of respect to the founder's wishes as mentioned earlier etc..), it is far more. Hopefully this will demonstrate the context to you that you removed...
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