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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Chris Hein wrote:
... I think it's funny how fast some people around here like to pass the buck! .....
Even if you read the published works on Aikido, the accounts are out there; you can't avoid them. In Aikido: The Way of Harmony, John Stevens wrote about an incident in which Shirata Rinjiro Sensei upended a karate man who threw a kick instead of shomen uchi. You can role your eyes and go, Oh, that's a rumor, show me a guy going into a cage match with the NHB heavyweight champ and winning! Then I might consider believing, but that doesn't change the fact the accounts are there.

For myself, I have to ammend a statement I made earlier in the thread when I said Aikido didn't pop out when I did some impromptu sparring with my Kali instructor. I might have refelxively done some Aikido footwork at one point. It didn't do me any good at the time, because I was holding one of Guro Andy's hands while he swatted me with the other one (it was light contact and he was being nice, so I wasn't beaten to a pulp), but what leads me to believe it might have been Aikido is that on reflection, I have no clear memory of what I did; my body was on autopilot, just as it was on another recent occassion when I finished a Kali arm bar with an Aikido pin. Then again, I've piled so many things into my muscle memory over the years that it might not have been Aikido. So the best I can say is that the possibility that Aiki can happen during a kickboxing scenario can not be excluded with 100% certainty, even with your experiences to the contrary.

Say that ten times fast.

Not the most dramatic testimonial -- in fact, very lame -- but there you are.
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