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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Jason Potenza wrote:
CNYMike, actually the Gracies had been doing open challenges in Brazil for over 65 years before ever comming to the US. It wasnt until the 90s that the media began televising NHB events, wich in turn really brought in the numbers of people trying to test BJJ unsuccessfully, i think thats what Chris was getting at.( Chris, correct me if i misinterpreted you)
You're right, but I was thinking of the videos they put out before the NHB events were telivised. And some BJJ made it into the first Lethal Weapon movie, so I was going by that.

..... I asked all of you awhile back to get togather someplace in the middle of the country, to try and get the highest ranking Aikido people we could get to come! I said that we could test some theory for those folks that think they know what works consistantly against resisting attackers! Anywhere from different martial arts, to plain old street fighters, i even know afew Pro Boxers, Collegient Wrestlers, and NHB/MMA folks that would show! I thought it would be fun, and in the process really get alot of the questions answered, but people didnt wanna step up! .....
Like you could find a weekend when anyone's free!? If you haven't left Aikiweb for good yet, go to the "seminars" page and compare the listed events with what you have for the "JKD Concepts" seminars and events; I wouldn't be surprised if there are plenty of conflicts. Then figure everyone else has tournaments, clincis, seminars .....

Just picking a date would be a pain in the butt! I'm not kidding about that, it would be.

..... Like i said, its eaisier to stay in that confort zone, and talk about what you, your teachers, or people from the past could have done! .....
I'd prefer to think "they" have their area of interest, just like you do. Yes, people get into esoteric, spiritual stuff, but Aikido is the most esoteric, spiritual martial art. It's like wondering why Thai Boxers spend a lot of time doing round kicks.

Its no wonder why so many people laugh at Aikido .....
Nobody I know has laughed at my doing it. Guro Andy even encouraged me to add it to my training schedule (which also includes karate, Guro Andy's Kali/Serak class, and Tai Chi); he's said he's happy I'm doing all that because it makes "for a better Michael Gallagher." (I think it makes for a sleepy Michael Gallagher! If Andy's nuts concentrating on three arts, I must be totally whacked to be doing FIVE! Like anyone here has both oars in the water. But I digress.) More recently, I loaned him Training with the Master, a day-in-the-life photo essay on O Sensei. I think he read it from cover to cover. Makes me feel like a slacker -- I just went to the pictures. If anyone thinks I'm wasting my time, they haven't told me!
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