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Re: best aikido you have seen

Ben McClean wrote:
Hey Darin,

First, thanks for the offer to come and say hello at your dojo

The best Aikido I have seen would have to be O' Sensei, then again I really haven't seen that much. I have seen Joe Thambu Sensei, Thambu Sensei is really the only person that I have seen put Aikido into real life situations. I have seen Shioda Sensei as well but would have to go with O' Sensei I have seen some footage of O' Sensei when he was in his 50's and it was more of a harder style than that when he was older. If anybody has any suggestions on were I could obtain video footage of Aikido in general I would be very appreciative. Thanks

P.S Darin what nights do you train? I was going to come and say hello.
Hey Ben,

Hope your enjoying your trainnig under Ross.

I have only seen Ueshiba, Shioda and Thambu on video. Another good aikidoist is Nakamura or Nakayama from Tomiki style. Mitchi Mochizuki is also very good. He doesn't really do traditional aikido but will use the basic movements to then go into a jujitsu hip throw or sweep.

I train on Monday and Wednesday nights 7:30pm to 9pm at the PCYC in Scarborough.

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