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Jorge Garcia
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I don't know that I intended for it to be thought that an affiliation to Hombu dojo was as important as the influence of Hombu dojo.The philosophy of aikido didn't come to any of us outside of the influence of a common source and it's an appreciation of that fact that lends itself to a common self identity that fosters an openness of communication where there might not ordinarily be one. I have experienced that from Texas,to California,to Pennsylvania,all the way to Spain and Germany and France. A person could encounter and meet friendly and open people anywhere totally outside of an aikido context. You could even find that openness in a dojo of a martial art unrelated to aikido at all. That's not what I am making reference to. I am refering to a bond though, that does exist because of a connection to the Aikikai headquarters that can in fact be enjoyed and that when lost, will be unrecoverable. That particular bond is in fact somewhat unique in the martial arts world and it is what I am referencing. I do not question that a person can experience good aikido, a positive philosophy or even an open spirit without the influence of Hombu dojo. Of course you can but that will always be here. The unique influence though of the source of aikido that can serve to remind us all of our common heritage will probably be gone someday because of our inability to appreciate it. I must add that I do not fault the Birankai or Iwama Ryu for doing what they have to do to unify their own curriculum and students. I just point out that we are passing from one era to another. We need to recognize what is about to pass away.

"It is the philosophy that gives meaning to the method of training."
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