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Re: The Real World: How to Reconcile?

Violence should NEVER be a first choice solution to any problem. The fact you are typing this post indicates your "SELF" defense worked (your SELF was defended). There are those out there that will want to do others harm. To live a life ignoring that fact is foolish. The biggest difference between being a victim and a survivor is awareness. The police often use convicted rapists and muggers to illustrate these points. Without much effort, these career criminals can identify victims watching a video of people walking down the street! It is not rocket science, it is human behavior. Predators can sense the weakest in the heard by their mannerism and actions. To avoid being a victim, don't act like one.

As for violent confrontations, how far are you willing to go? Winning in a violent confrontation is easy-WHOEVER RAISES THE LEVEL OF VIOLENCE THE FASTEST WINS!

We can talk about one-punch kills and preserving the enemy, and philosophically that is the morale high ground, but being dead doesn't help your philoshophical stand point. It is one thing to believe in harmony and trying to blend with our attackers, but when faced with a psychopathic maniac, you better be prepared to get violent or you're going to get dead.

Being a warrior means you have to ability to decide life and death, but will choose life at every available occurance. There are times however that choosing life is not an alternative. Can you choose death? Can you kill or seriously maim someone? Can you live with the implications of these actions? Can you live with yourself after that? These are not easy questions. It is easy to say you would kill someone, it is another reality to actually do it.

As for Jay, I joined the military for exactly those reasons! Guess what, at 18 it was all bravado and bulls***t. After a few trips to a few really crappy places, my "I want to be the first kid on my block to get a confirmed kill" (Full Metal Jacket) attitude did a 180! The military trains you for combat. You learn to kill, efficiently and effectively. I also learned to build hospitals and orphanages in Africa. I learned to do clown face painting in Okinawa. I learned to respect other cultures I would have never experienced without the military. Don't sell it short, but I commend you realization. Rethink it with an objective mindset and talk to people in the military, not just the recruiters.

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