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I don't think that similarities felt from dojo to dojo have anything to do with an affiliation to the Hombu dojo, but rather have to do with the philosophy of Aikido, and the type of person drawn to it. I have been lucky enough to have teachers whose own teachers were O Sensei's students. And equally lucky to have some that were trained by someone of unknown and convoluted lineage (including one of the best I've had). Several highly ranked instructors have been at various times in their lives associated, not associated, associated, etc. with the Hombu, and I don't think it changed what they taught. I look at what and how I'm being taught, not who taught my teacher. And before anyone says "but you have to know the lineage of the teacher to be sure you are getting 'real' Aikido," look at how many arguements have arisen here over different styles of Aikido, all founded by students of the same teacher (O Sensei).
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