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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

CNYMike, actually the Gracies had been doing open challenges in Brazil for over 65 years before ever comming to the US. It wasnt until the 90s that the media began televising NHB events, wich in turn really brought in the numbers of people trying to test BJJ unsuccessfully, i think thats what Chris was getting at.( Chris, correct me if i misinterpreted you)

Yes BJJ is part of the JKD concepts curriculum, as is Kali/Silat, Muay Thai, etc, we use whatever consistantly works under "live" conditions. BTW, your in a great lineage, i have trained with Eric Paulson at some seminars (we are both within the Inosanto lineage), probly one of the coolest people ive ever met!

You are right not to be disrespectful of other arts, especially sense all arts have something to offer! I truly believe after years of experience in real world situations, not to mention working with some of the top martial artists around, that its the individual and how they have been training that makes the difference! You absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is uniquely your own, then you train under live conditions, with resisting opponents who are trying not to let you pull off your technique!

In the end, all this talk about this or that doesnt mean squat, i know guys from the street that would take apart most the people on this forum, they could give a shit about what you study or who your old ass teacher is or was! So it really boils down to how you view your life, what makes you happy, and what you feel you do and do not need to worry about! I have spent many years in some not so favorable places, doing jobs that could have gotten me killed, i think for the most part i have been very lucky! But one thing i do know is what does and does not work for real, be it day to day life, on the street, or overseas in some third world combat zone! I would venture to say that most the people on this forum have no clue what it really takes to survive a truly violent attack, one that keeps comming, and whos end result seems as if it were certain death! Im not talkin bout some bar fight that gets pulled apart, or you an your best friend gettin into it over some woman and getting afew bumps an bruises. Im talkin bout gettin a blade stuck in your ribs and still going on, im talkin bout having to fight over a firearm while the trigger is being pulled every few seconds, im talkin bout being caught in a situation where you must reach deep down inside you just to stay up! I could care less what others do, what they study, whom they train with, or what they have to say about me, i know i can walk the walk, and i know that what i have trained works for real, under conditions most these people have only had nightmares about! Anybody who wants me can come an find out if im for real or not, its that simple!

We got alot of keyboard warriors here, we got alot of guys sayin who would take who, or go challenge this guy or that, gimme a break! I asked all of you awhile back to get togather someplace in the middle of the country, to try and get the highest ranking Aikido people we could get to come! I said that we could test some theory for those folks that think they know what works consistantly against resisting attackers! Anywhere from different martial arts, to plain old street fighters, i even know afew Pro Boxers, Collegient Wrestlers, and NHB/MMA folks that would show! I thought it would be fun, and in the process really get alot of the questions answered, but people didnt wanna step up! Like i said, its eaisier to stay in that confort zone, and talk about what you, your teachers, or people from the past could have done! Its no wonder why so many people laugh at Aikido, it gets a bad wrap because nobody wants to lay it on the line! Theres so many talkers and typers out there!

Anyways, im bout done with this whole forum experience, it seems to be just alot of babble that i got caught up in after i asked a question for my old lady! I would also like to say that im not trying to single anyone out! I do think for the most part that Aikido people are good folks, its just that they bicker like a bunch of old women and their concept of reality sometimes makes me wanna

Now make sure to come back with some witty posts after im gone!

Good luck to you all, im out!
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