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Re: Training alone

Hey all, let me explain my situation.

There are not many aikido dojo in my city, that I can get to, at least. None
of them offer classes for more than two hours a week(which, as I gather from
this forum), is very very bad. I train at a dojo, with a very good(IMHO,
anyway) instructor, once a week for two hours. I have got a lot done in my
2.5 years, and can do the waza reasonably well, but I feel that I should put
more time in.

So, at least 3 times a week I practice my aikido for about 30 minutes - I
know it's probably not enough, but it's really hard to shadow box in a
martial art with no set form(as opposed to something like tai chi). Do you
guys think this is beneficial, and how bad is the 2 hours a week thing?

Thanks, Sid
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