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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Chris Hein wrote:
Well for that to be said "your Aikido doesn't work" first someone needs to prove to the world that AIKIDO dose in fact "work", if we had one sound example of it working. If there were a street fight dominated by and Aikidoka caught on the news, or an Aikidoka entered a professional competition. Something besides myths and rumors. Again I mean working from a basically empty handed fighting situation. Lots of people know it works to make people happier more productive human beings, most of use have seen this in the Dojo, so no one asks dose it work in that perspective. I personally know it works in a weapons fight, maybe I should find a video of that and put it up.
-Chris Hein
On any given day at any given time, can you be 100% effective ALL of the time? It is not the martial art that doesn't work, it's the martial artist that cannot make it work.

Even Helio Gracie lost a few fights - one in which he had his arm broken by Kimura. Name any other MA great, and tell me they've never had a bad day, or never lost a fight - EVER? Even Musashi lost 1 battle, out of 60 contests.

BTW, a street fight is not the same thing as a life/death self-defence situation.

Aikido works. I know MY aikido sometimes works, and I definitely know I need more practice....

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