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Originally posted by Jorge Garcia
That would mean that the unity we have enjoyed worldwide of being identified with the Ueshiba name will be gone forever. That unity is the reason I can go into any Aikikai related dojo in the world and practice with the confidence of a large amount of goodwill in the heart and feel assured that indeed, we are "brothers", regardless of organizational differences (i.e., USAF,AAA,Schools of Ueshiba,etc.) Try doing that at your local karate dojo next time you travel.
I wonder how much of that unity you feel springs from the relative newness of aikido and the small numbers of akidoka, compared to, say, karate. If everyone in town practiced aikido, would you feel this way when you walked into your dojo?

I agree aikido feels like a special kind of club to me because it is so new. It's kind of cool to know that the founder was almost one of my contemporaries. Sort of puts me closer to the center of attention. (New parlor game: How many degrees seperate O Sensi from Kevin Bacon?) But will the quality of training suffer? Dunno but I'm guessing it won't. -- Steve

Steve Hoffman
That's going to leave a mark.
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