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Re: Tomiki and the Theory of Aikido

Peter Rehse wrote:
Hi Peter

I was drinking beer after training with a Shihan of Osaka Aikikai (after being invited to train at his dojo) and he told me he used the book for his High School students. I found that interesting on two fronts a) that he used a Shodokan book and b) that he used a text book. I assumed he was teaching a class room component since as you mention text books in the dojo context would be an anomaly.

I know of a could other Aikikai Shihans that recommend the book to their students - but again calling it a text book might not be accurate for the reasons you stated.
Hello Peter,

Yes, as a high school text, I can see the point. Teaching aikido in high schools is a recent venture, now being strongly pushed by the Aikikai with the Monkasho. The present Doshu has also published a high school text, entitled Aikido Jotatsu Book. It is profusely illustrated, in colour, and with not a trace of mysticism. Another example of aikido kyousou, I suppose! I do not know about Shodokan or Yoshinkan, but high school aikido is still a very small part of the Aikikai's presence in Japan.

Best regards,

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