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Re: Tomiki and the Theory of Aikido

Efe Yucemen wrote:
I can only hazard to say that not only is there some political stigma attached to his thoughts/works, but there is a general aversion to an explanation or interpretation of aikido which is non-mystical, dry and scientific. Would you agree?
Possibly to a lesser extent than you might think, since the original Japanese version of that book is used as a "standard text" by quite a few non-Shodokan dojos in Japan.

"Different strokes for different folks" though, Ueshiba M. could hardly have been more different to Kano J. in his approach. Since all aikido ultimately looks to Ueshiba M. I guess its hardly surprising if many find the analytical approach of Kano (and by extension, Tomiki) not quite to their taste.

The english language version of that book only came out quite recently, so perhaps it will become more popular over time, who knows.

Incidentally, while Nariyama Sensei is credited as the co-author of the book, it is really more Shishida Fumiaki Sensei (currently the Professor of Budo History at Waseda University - the post formerly held by Tomiki K.) who is the primary author.


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