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Re: Yellow belt requirments

In my dojo, we don't have colored belts for the adults classes. But our first test is 5th kyu and our test requirements are:

Shomenuchi ikyyo omote and ura
Shomenuchi iriminage omote and ura
Gyakyu Hanmi Katatetori Shihonage omote and ura
Tsuki Kotegaeshi omote and ura
Ushiro Tekubitori Kotegaeshi omote and ura
Morotetori Kokyunage (irimi, tenkan and tenshin openings)

We have a yellow belt and that for our kids class. A yellow belt is 10th kyu, and its requirements are:

right and left hanmi
forward and backwards shikko
kneeling and standing forward and backwards rolls
ikkyo exercise
irimi, tenkan and tenshin opening movements
irimi, tenkan and tenshin kokyunage throws
And approaching the test they have to demonstrate following instructions and paying attention in class.

Anne Marie Giri
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