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Amir Krause
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Re: May I come visit your dojo?

I can easily understand them. In the Dojo I train at, this is the rule with regard to visitors - you can watch but you can't train, unless Sensei believes you are serious.
Visitors from abroad who come and wish to train for the duration of their visit, are normally considered serious and invited to train for free. Visitors from within the country may only watch the lesson, unless after they talk with Sensei, he is convinced of their serious intention to train with us.

I know this approach may sound strange for some of you. But this is the approach my Sensei believes to be traditional in our style. When he was in Japan, he had heard his sensei reject a student who had only planned to practice for 3 years rather then life Here, sensei is more lenient, considering our nature, but sensei will not accept students from other styles who only wish to sample our style. One has to take into account we are very small in relation, and our style is quite different.

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