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Kevin Sparkman
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Re: A Friend In Need

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to write you a quick note and say
how touched I am with the outpouring of love, support
and prayers I'm receiving from my dear friends.

You are all very special people and I am very fortunate to
be surrounded by you, regardless of distance.

I'm feeling much better the last few days! Prayer, meds. and my
diet are doing a great job of relieving my symptoms! My dizziness,
double vision, facial numbness and especially hiccups and trouble breathing are back to almost normal.

Please continue to pray for intervention on my behalf as I know
that all of this is in God's hands!

I have had an MRI, PET and MRS scan. They have scheduled a
radiation treatment for the 17 but we're not sure until we meet with
the doctors and discuss the situation. I have an appointment on
the 16th but want to have a meeting before then. I'll write to update my friends about the situation as I learn more. Please forgive the mass nature of the letters. It would be impossible for me to write a personal letter to each of you. I am touched by so many great people! It's overwhelming!

Thank you all again for your incredible concern and support, and especially your prayers!

Take care and I hope to see you all very soon!

With Love,
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