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Dojo: Canterbury Aikido Club
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Re: May I come visit your dojo?

Yes, it is sad that there is resistance to traveling to others dojo, but its their wishes.

To extend the hand of friendship, I will right now, issue an open invitation on behalf of my dojo to people traveling that want to do a bit of training.
This applies to any person of good will and spirit.
NB, plonkers need not bother.
I'm nothing if not honest. Sorry.

Next time you are traveling to Christchurch New Zealand, drop me a line through the Aikiweb for details, or just drop in at the dojo - address as below.
There will be no charge made for the time with us, as that is against our clubs sense of hospitality. (well - more than a couple of weeks, might be pushing it)

Canterbury Aikido Club
274 Westminster Street
StAlbans 8004

Training Mon, Wed, Fri
6:00 - 7:30pm

(ps, the only requirement made by us, is that you bring a sense of humour - no kidding, you'll need it)
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