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Re: May I come visit your dojo?

Thats why its called a parallel comparison.

You see the merits of one compared to the other. They still, aren't the same.

Like you, I would invite them in,
hell I'd let them throw me around a bit.
No problem there.
That was how I met my current sensei.
Didn't know this old(er) guy from Adam, but as is the norm, asked him in. Turns out that he is the head of the Fuji Ryu Federation Of Australia.
It was this openness that initiated his approach for us to join with his organization.

But in another's dojo OR house, I abide by the owners / sensei particular ways.

What else are we all doing in aikido, than blending, yielding, accepting of other people 'do' ?

Just because I don't agree or like something in someone else, doesn't give me the right to force my views on them. I will retain my opinion, but thats all.
(Tried that other path, thought I liked it, but soon learned it was a rather silly path to follow)

Anyway, we aren't in disagreement, just, I think, a level of sensitivity to other plonkers. Ooops, my bias is showing. Must be human after all.

Dave H
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