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Re: unfair belt rankings

don't be disheartened by this. Learn from it. Life won't always be fair, so you'll just have to live with it. 5th kyu. That's where I am. I had the same problem. A guy twice my age (if not more) got to take his first test within two weeks of joining the dojo. It took me nearly a month. I took all the same calsses, did all the same techniques. Yeah, I was a little pissed, but it didn't stop me. I actually take a little satisfaction because sensei corrects him more than she corrects me. You have the skill level, he has the belt. Put it this way...Which works better in a fight? Skill, or a colored belt? Think about it. (BTW, I'm only 13) One more thing that a very wise man told me once: "Less chat, more mat". That solves about anything.

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