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Re: Aiki Doh's

A couple of days ago one of our instructors was teaching a class of brand-new beginners, with a few senior students mixed in as helpers. He'd observed that people were reacting to ikkyo by locking their knees and trying to remain standing, and he decided to show that this allows an easy transition into sankyo. From where I was sitting, it was pretty clear that his intention was to do sankyo with a gentle takedown to the mat; but uke (a BIG guy) didn't see it that way and flung himself into 230 lbs of breakfall over his arm. The instructor blurted out "No! Not that!" and everyone laughed, the newbies quite nervously....

My own moment of shame is the time when we had some guests in the dojo and were doing rolling practice. I thought I could squeeze in one more roll--showing off a bit--and made a wonderful large round hole in the dojo wall with my heel. I had to patch the darned thing and put four coats of paint on it before anyone would let me live this story down.

Mary Kaye
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