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Re: Re: "Competition" Again

Originally posted by Richard Harnack
I still think you will find it in Budo, and in a variant form in Kissomaru Ueshiba's books, and finally, why not contact Stan Pranin. I am certain he probably has access to the passage you are looking for.
KAMI : Since Jun's question interests me very much, I have asked the help of Peter Goldsbury Sensei, Chairman of the International Aikido Federation and Professor of Comparative Religions and Mythologies at Hiroshima University, in Japan. He asked me for some time to do some research and I'm waiting for it.
I don't hold to that opinion but some people have used the argument "ad hominem" (O-Sensei's recomendation) for use against competition in Aikido. So, I guess Jun's question is very pertinent.

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