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Re: May I come visit your dojo?

First let me state that I welcome visits (visitors) from other clubs.
Ours is pretty much an open door type philosophy.
I feel the same as most of the posts state.

Now, - Its their dojo, their rules. - Period.

If you write a letter asking permission, what are the two possibilities?

If you aren't prepared to take the no's, then don't send the letter.

If someone came to your house, how would you react.
I doubt I would invite a stranger in off the street - as a matter of course.
Some might.
I probably wouldn't.
But its MY house - my rules.

Yes, its unfortunate that we can't just drop in on a friendly basis. We are all aiki children of Osensei. But then, not all siblings get on all that well, (as I'm led to understand).

Oh well, thats life. With aiki, I accept the others decision.

Dave H
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