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unfair belt rankings

hi, im a 2nd degree blue belt , i'm 14 yrs old and i have been taking aikido since i was 8 or 9. when i recieved my first belt it was yellow, i then got orange, then blue and then a 2nd degree blue. But what bothers me is... my sensei only did this type of belt ranking w/the childrens class for a short period of time. Now i see adults recieving 1st degree blue as their first belt and they dont seem nearly as experienced as i was when i got my first belt , because 2 belts have been skipped (didnt mean to sound conceited) . And there doesnt seem to be a longer time period b4 recieving it or anything. Just a week ago at our dojo a girl recieved her blue belt and she cant even take a hard fall or do techniques the correct way.

Sorry i dont want to sound like im complaining , but i see this as a real problem , i think everyone should have the oppurtunity to get as much experience as the next person. I think this will only create problems down the road for other aikidoka . My sensei is a great instructor , but i think this is his one big flaw.

Please write me , giving your opinion
much appreciation
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