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Re: causing no (serious) harm


I'm sorry if my last post seemed to cause confusion, but now I am confused. I thought that the art of awase or blending practice was to gain an advantage in a violent situation, by gaining the advantage the attacker would realise to continue would be folly.
Is it not possible to blend so fully with an attack as to completely give you the victim the upper hand in a situation? If then the attacker tries again you again blend to their rear or slide back so the force of the attack is neutralised. Yes I know this is a high idealised view of aikido, but I also thought that the key was to neutralise and/or redirect force, can this not be achieved without sensile touch?. How would a man or woman, with no arms from the shoulders down, react in a fight? , is the only option for them to ram opponents and hope for the best?.
What did our founder mean with qoutes like these; "Seeing me before him, the enemy attacks, but by that time I am already standing safely behind him" and "Left and right, avoid all cuts and parries. Seize your opponents' minds and scatter them all!" ?. Are these not ideals to strive for?

I also as a child played games where we bragged about what cars we would own or riches we would attain as all of us came from working class backgrounds, and yet a few now own ferraris and such like. And yet also as a child I can remember playing a form of close quartes tag where the person who was it would try and touch the other person to make them it. Some were so good at this they could almost never be touched.

I think that to learn every technique as a goal would not get you anywhere, apart the ability to hurt people, including yourself. By this I mean that I mind full of techniques could get in the way of just blending and avoiding, two simple ideals that can save your life.

I have been in situations where violence or the threat of violence has reared its ugly head, and in some i am sorry to say i have returned that violence with the same or even worse. Other situations I have gotten into where I have walked away, because I was afraid of hurting someone, where my abilities where always to attack back. These last situations have at times made me look foolish and severly bruised my ego, but should I resort to hurting someone just because I can. I would have much preferred to avoid there attacks without the ultimate avoidance of just walking away. Although walking away, some would say is always the best option, why should I let the attacker walk away without bruising their ego completly non violently.

I think somewhere that I read once that Ueshiba was challenged to a fight with swords that amounted to him completly avoiding the challenger and he soon gave up his futile attacks. In fact this same challenger became a student of O'sensei.

Also the stories i have read of our founder dodging bullets, are these false? If they are not then did he touch the bullet and guide its energy or completly avoid them. If these are false then are we carrying on a tradition set by a man who lied? I for one hope not.

Why is it such a high ideal to completly avoid confrontation while standing and moving completly in the middle of this chaos? Does the outcome of every fight have to resort to someone being hurt, just to boost the ego of either side? Remember a proficient Aikidoka could have the ability to complety humiliate their opponent if not kill them, should we choose either path? Would it not be better to keep giving them openings in your defence and then stand where they stood after they have moved or even just enter fully to the rear of the opponent?

Im sorry if alot of this sounds like inane babble, but that's just the way I feel.

Anyway enlightenment is a long way off, and although the road can be painful, 'god' its fun.

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