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Re: Aiki Doh's

Alex Lawrence wrote:
I was at an advanced Aikido class at our HQ dojo and we were doing kotegashi. Tori, who if I remember rightly is about 4th Dan threw my 3rd Kyu ass so hard that somehow I managed to land backside first, sitting crosslegged. Which would have been weird enough if I hadn't then skidded on my backside about 6-8ft managing to spin around 3 times before eventually coming to a full stop about 12 inches from the wall, all the while still sitting crosslegged.
I didn't read the "6-8 feet" part the first time, and I spent the evening chuckling over the image of you gliding from one side of a dojo to another, cross-legged and slowly spinning, while other Aikidoka pracitice around you, except for your sensei who shakes his head with that look on his face. Still funny anyway! Thanks!
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