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Re: best aikido you have seen

Hey Darin,

First, thanks for the offer to come and say hello at your dojo

The best Aikido I have seen would have to be O' Sensei, then again I really haven't seen that much. I have seen Joe Thambu Sensei, Thambu Sensei is really the only person that I have seen put Aikido into real life situations. I have seen Shioda Sensei as well but would have to go with O' Sensei I have seen some footage of O' Sensei when he was in his 50's and it was more of a harder style than that when he was older. If anybody has any suggestions on were I could obtain video footage of Aikido in general I would be very appreciative. Thanks

P.S Darin what nights do you train? I was going to come and say hello.
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