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Re: aikido bokken / kenjutsu

James Matarrese wrote:
well, I've sparred a few times (with Aikido shinai available from bujin), but other than that, it is mostly to improve hand-to-hand techniques. If you want kenjitsu you'd be better off with kendo or iaido
This really isn't quite on... None of these arts are kenjutsu but if one is looking for a practice that has the feeling of kenjutsu in the sense that the practice is paired kata based and the manor in which the weapon is used is most similiar to kenjutsu then certain styles of aiki sword would be the thing for you.

Kendo is a sport and has little or nothing to do with using a blade. Iaido is solo and done slowly.

The gentleman who pointed out that if you want kenjutsu you'd be better off with... "kenjutsu" was spot on. There is very little authentic kenjutsu available in the US but the first place to start to find someone qualified is the site. It is something of a clearing house for publizations by the small koryu community in the US,

As for Aikido,,, Nishio, Saotome, Saito, and Obata Senseis all have their own styles of sword work which, while not kenjutsu could keep you interested and challenged for many years. Chiba Sensei also puts a strong emphasis on weapons competency.

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