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Re: How serious a teacher are you?

Ohh well here I go-----

I think this will get most of you - most annoyed.
I'm sure too, that you will wont to tell me ALL sorts of reason for what I do, as being wrong or worse, dare I say it, unprofessional.

SO, don't even bother.

My teaching style, is of the ' lets look at the scenery on the way there' variety.

I seldom have a plan prior to class. I wait to see what the make up of the class is, and direct the class from there.
What I ALWAYS do though, is work on a single theme. Allowing a single class to develop the feel for the topic.

Learning MAY be a bit slower - naughty me.
But it is diverse and thorough.
My knowledge is broad, occasionally even with some depth. (I hope)
My students, seem some how, to 'get' what I'm trying to teach, but only if they have the stick-ability that is required of a martial artist.
If not, then no matter what /how, I teach, they would not have been around long enough to learn a great deal.

This does not mean I teach haphazardly. Seen too close up, that could be your conclusion.
But seen as a bigger picture of aikido, this style seems a little less - haphazard after all.

Kihon waza , kihon waza, kihon waza. The three corner stones of deeper aiki appreciation.
Get that, and you get aikido ala Dave H. style.

Serious teacher - I'm deadly serious - when its appropriate.

Oh - did I mention kihon waza.
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