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Re: causing no (serious) harm

I would not at all want to stifle anyone's reflections, since they will forever remain vital to one's Aikido training, but upon reading this last post, I am reminded of one thing: When I was younger, us kids all noted one day that whenever we wished or hoped for something, we often wished or hoped for something that was almost impossible to occur, YET, for some strange reason, we nevertheless had some kind of limit to what we were wishing for. While we were free to wish for anything, and though what we were wishing for was never going to occur, we always stopped ourselves from wishing to our full capacity. For example, when we were all boys of around 16, and we were talking about what kind of cars we wanted to have as our "first car," someone always managed to bring up Ferrari or Porsche, etc., and being children from poorer families, "first cars" was something that was never going to happen, period. So, one day we all realized, "Heck, why stop at Ferrari? Why not wish for the Bat Mobile or James Bond's Lotus, or a Helicopter or a Submarine?" We never had an answer for that - something about human nature I guess.

On the one hand, I wonder why wish for an Aikido so skilled that attackers would give up upon facing it - why not wish for them to reach Awakening right then and there upon looking into your eyes; why not wish for them to upon sensing your aura start a non-profit organization for children without homes and/or who are victims of parental abuse; etc. On the other hand, and in all seriousness, I wish that your wish comes true - I wish you do reach a level of skill so awesome that it alone will lead others down the path of non-violence.


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