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Re: Boulder Aikikai Spring Seminar

Peter A Goldsbury wrote:
Hello, Szczepan,

I'm not really into laws of nature and you know yourself that there are various ways you can intercept a shoumen attack, even when done with a bokken.

However, when I trained with my friends from the Osaka Aikikai, they told me that my attack was not correct, which I took to mean that it would not allow them to do the technique. I have no idea whether they were representative, since I have heard some veery good thingas about Hirokazu Kobayashi.

Best regards,
I have many friends in Europe who follow different styles with roots in H.Kobayashi teaching. Very interesting approach, indeed. However, all of them, they have tendency to put uke's work in tight box. If uke's behavior is different, they have great difficulty to do anything. It wasn't a case of H.Kobayashi, I had fantastic opportunities to practice with him on many seminars in France, Belgium and Holland, and he never told me that my attack is wrong, only throwed me, and I had to fly few meters, wow!.

I think in generally, that more one's aikido is personalized less uke's work is spontaneous. That situation favors development of aikido poor technically. So if somebody tell me that my attack isn't correct, it raise red flag in my mind. One day one young shihan from Hombu told me so. I said to myself: oopps, very limited aikido…….

Kanai Sensei demonstrated this technique and emphasized the ukemi required when the technique was put on hard.
yep, we do like he taught, and I learned well how to protect my elbows. Sensei did amazing things with this technique.

But still, nage must be very careful; with traditional way of practice (simple, prearranged, relatively slow attacks) it is very easy to make this technique work. That's how ppl build illusions about big efficiency of this technique.

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