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Re: Boulder Aikikai Spring Seminar

Benjamin Edelen wrote:
Peter: I do the same thing. I actually think Aikiweb does more for me by giving me a chance to write all of my frustration out and then discard it before I expose my retardation to the world. I am sure without this interface I would explode in the real world and end up taking a nice car ride with the men in the white lab coats.
Hello Benjamin,

The software Jun uses is now more user-friendly, so I no longer have to make my posts in Word and then cut & paste them, though I still do this occasionally.

If we are discussing waza, there is (a) the problem of names: which names are correct and the power of names in determining the waza, which is not what the Founder intended. He simply did the techniques and those most in need of remembering, he numbered the techniques from 1 onwards and also used terms like 'irimi'.

There is also (b) the problem of describing the technique in the absence of a tatami or street, where you can show. Describing techniques becomes something like describing an activity like walking or running. Once, I asked my language students to explain to the average Martian, who had just arrived on earth and had no arms or legs, about bicycles and how to ride them. Their efforts were sometimes brilliant but often hilarious.

Best regards,

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