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Re: Boulder Aikikai Spring Seminar

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
without locking arm of attacker? Isn't it against a law of Nature?
Hello, Szczepan,

I'm not really into laws of nature and you know yourself that there are various ways you can intercept a shoumen attack, even when done with a bokken.

However, when I trained with my friends from the Osaka Aikikai, they told me that my attack was not correct, which I took to mean that it would not allow them to do the technique. I have no idea whether they were representative, since I have heard some veery good thingas about Hirokazu Kobayashi.

PS. 1 The thread on rokkyo is evidence for me why discussing the finer points of technique is rather pointless. As I stated there, Kanai Sensei did this technique relatively often and called it Rokkyo. I had trained previously with Chiba Sensei in London and never heard of this technique (but I was a beginner). After coming to live in Japan, I attended a seminar in the US and Kanai Sensei demonstrated this technique and emphasized the ukemi required when the technique was put on hard.

PS. 2 For those who know the history of the NE Aikikai, my partner on this occasion was Fred Newcombe--and he confessed that he hated both technique and ukemi required.

Aaah, those were the days!!

Best regards,

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