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Re: multiple opponents / ending fights

I have also seen Aikidoka take multiple opponents down, it's what first attracted me to the art, is that's it's so powerful (in it's own way, which is of course power through your opponent) But before aikido I studied a style called Bushi Ban karate. A very linear martial art. We would practice multiple opponent and what I found is that it wears you out VERY VERY quickly, if you know how to end it, do it FAST. If 4 guys with only half the energy you have came at you then they still have twice the energy you do. We were taught to only fight one at a time, you have to hop around to get to a position where the guy you are fighting is between you and everyone else. Trained figters can get around this easy if there are more than two of em, but most people aren't trained in any proficiant way. But we were taught to hit the nose first, because it blocks half of the oxegen intake they get, not because it will end the fight. To end this kind of fight we were taught joint strikes, one guy comes at you, you kick his knee hard enough to break it backwards and he will no longer be concerned with you. A strong palm upwards into the chin while you sweep him and force his head into the cement and he won't be a problem. And so on and so forth. But the point is, if the only option you have to leave alive is to fight, then make it hard, make it fast and don't pause, be a smart fighter but stopping to think is a luxury you cannot afford. 'no mind' Of course once you become proficient in aikido you can start worrying about fighing many people at once with out those particular devastating tecniques. Just my two cent's, of course the simple soulution is to hide under a rock. =0) Oh, just IMHO I think the skater dude that took his shirt off didn't just do it cause it made him look scarier, (which it proly did anyway though) think about, here is a loose piece of clothing that can get caught on something, grabbed by someone, used to choke you, get tangled in something or someone, pulled up and over your head. If you are in a fight and can afford to ditch the shirt, do it. And of course there is the fact that it can get ripped, bloodied, and so one, so if you like the shirt there is another reason. Okay I'm done now, I promise.

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