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Re: How many practice Rokkyo?

I'm not so sure...I've had people throw me with my elbow not completely straight in hiji shime, but the lock went through to the shoulder anyway, and I had to take the ukemi. And it was someone smaller than I am who did it. When I attack yokomenuchi my arm is in kamae position...not completely straight...but when my teacher does hiji shime he doesn't have to twist or torque the arm; he breaks my balance, I float for a second, and the lock is on. I also know people who have defended themselves from attacks using this technique.

So I see it used in newaza, standup attacks, and dojo situations. Doesn't seem so magical to me...not to mention that if I apply it standing and the elbow doesn't lock out, I just remove my feet from the ground and WALA! we have a reclining pin! Ok, and maybe uke has a hyperextended elbow...but what the can't have everything...


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