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Re: How many practice Rokkyo?

Ron Tisdale wrote:
I'm a little confused...are you saying this relative to hiji shime/ wakigatame? Aren't most ufc type matches ended with a simple arm bar of some type? These are trained attackers, and they are tapping regularly to this type of technique. Waki gatame is a long time judo standard for submission...

Just currious,
But they work this technique in ne-waza, straightening bended elbow. It is difficult but possible, cos one can use all his body to do it. Ever try do it standing on resisting/countering attacker?

In aikido it is very common, that uke has already arm straight, right from the beginning of attack. Nage has nothing to do to set up his arm. That fact creates illusion of magnificent efficency of this technique.
Hi Pauliina,
Tantodori is another terrible illusion.

If you try Kote Gaeshi, and the attacker extends his arm to over power you, his arm will go right into waki-gatame.
Don't be offended, but it is very simplistic way of countering Kote Gaeshi, not worth even to study. May be, when you do compet with rules and all, attacker can feel safe to do it, but normally his elbow will be broken. Thats why one can't counter this way. Particularly when you counter, one must always maintain martial spirit, and expects the worst/most devastating respons for his counter.

again, wrong way to counter nikyo. No martial spirit at all. You can't limit yourself to such simplistic scenario.


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