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Fred Little
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Re: How many practice Rokkyo?

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
"elbow crushing" technique ????
No trained attacker will attack with arms straight, instead, they ALWAYS bend elbows. Straight elbow is easy to snap only with light touch, so nobody attack this way.
One more illusory technique. Ikkyo is much more efficient.
One of the points that a number of my teachers emphasized on the question of rokkyo vs. ikkyo took a simlar tack: ikkyo enables nage to deal with an attacker who has trained enough to know better to present a straight arm.

But I think the KISS principle holds. If uke offers a straight arm, take the rokkyo.

It usually doesn't take too many repetitions for uke to begin to turn into a "trained attacker."

And then it's a pretty simple matter to return to regularly scheduled ikkyo keiko....

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