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Re: How many practice Rokkyo?

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
"elbow crushing" technique ????
No trained attacker will attack with arms straight, instead, they ALWAYS bend elbows. Straight elbow is easy to snap only with light touch, so nobody attack this way.
One more illusory technique. Ikkyo is much more efficient.
Not sure what you mean by illusory. Waki-gatame is really very efficient. It can be done from a punch, a thrust, or a push where the arm is extended, if the attacker pulls back and bends his arm, you can go right into Kote Gaeshi. The 2 techniques work together.

If you try Kote Gaeshi, and the attacker extends his arm to over power you, his arm will go right into waki-gatame.

If you throw Kote Gaeshi down the line of uke's feet, waki gatame will be thrown perpendicular to his feet. This is an almost unbeatable combination.

If you try to get waki gatame on a resistant uke, and you don't look at other options, then of course the technique will fail.
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