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Walter Wong
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Re: A warning! Not the chen swords!

Michael Ellefson wrote:

I have seen the exact same car priced much higher at a a high end import lot over the run of the mill lot. Just because they are much more expensive, doesn't mean they aren't anything but a remounted Wind and Thunder and selling it for double the price. What I want to know is: ARE the bugei blades special compared to the regular chen blades? If they aren't, James Williams is a good marketer. Caveat emptor.
In regards to this, our good friend Keith provided this info to me:
Well, the funny thing is that the wind and thunder came out about 6 months after the shobu was released by Bugei. Hanwei frequently takes aspects of what we put together for new models and rolls them into their own "generic" stuff later.
It's more like Paul Chen's standard Hanwei line are remounted Bugei swords and not the other way around. Chen's standard blades from low end (Practical series) to mid range (Tsunami/Mushashi/Wind&Thunder/Shinto/Kin Tori/Golden Oriole/Tokugawa) aren't even the Swedish Powder Steel that Bugei uses. Chen's standard high end line (Kami/Tiger/Bushido/Orchid) do use Swedish Powder Steel but even this line remains 2nd choice after Bugei's line up of swords.
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