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Re: No Balance No Aikido


I think I see the misunderstanding (on my side). I was only thinking of shite and not the fact that you would be unbalanced as uke when you are thrown, controlled or whatever.

Your description of iriminage makes 100% sense. As do your explanations of shoulders/hips and how to use the line of uke's body to affect their balance.

I don't agree when you say that uke is unbalanced while attacking. I agree that uke becomes unbalanced, but I think that unbalance is because of what shite does to control the situation.

One person told me along time ago that in Aikido shite's job is balance and uke's job is unbalance. As I've progressed through the years I have discovered I totally disagree with that statement. I believe that both shite and uke should try to be balanced, but it is shite's job to extend uke so they become unbalanced.

This is probably more of a pet peeve of mine which I jump on whenever I see it because of the aforementioned comment about shite strives to be balanced while uke tries to be unbalanced. Since I don't agree with that and I have had several senior teachers shoot that theory down I tend to overreact.

Sorry about the misunderstanding. Thanks for taking the time to explain where you were coming from.



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